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KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing

KemeTones is a sound healing protocol that is similar to acupuncture, using sound instead of needles. Precision calibrated tuning forks that are tuned to planetary frequencies determined by Kepler are placed directly on the body or in the energy field. When there is a pain, illness, symptom of disease, or obstacle in one’s life, that means there is a block in the flow of energy. When we remove the block, we eliminate the pain or obstacle or disease.

We use Acutonics tuning forks that are tuned to the oklanets, and therefore, they have an ancestral correspondence as well to the Neter and the Orishas, Cosmic Forces of the universe. So, it is a Cosmic Sound Healing, utilizing the Sounds of Ancient Kemet. At KemeTones, we also use the Sacred Sounds of the Voice, with Chants and Songs of Praise: Ancient African Adorations.

HeruScopes Astrology Readings

HeruScopes is a Kemetic Sidereal Astrology System that is based on the actual motions of the Sun and Planets through the constellations. The western system that we are used to is man made, and fixed in time by the Babylonians 4000 years ago. HeruScopes is a tool that helps us to stay in alignment with the Cosmic Forces, ie Ancestral Forces of nature, and empowers us to be the Hero/Heru of our own myth. It is not something telling us what we can or cannot do each day, but rather suggestions that one should follow if the goal is to Live at Oneness with the Divine and Celestial Plan. If the Goal is to Be Enlightened, YOU can order your personal and customized astrology chart with a detailed analysis and/or one on one consultation.

We also post videos from time to time, with HeruScopes Analysis, KemeTones Self Care and Global Prayer, Ancient African Adorations: chanting, singing, and meditation, all in alignment with the astrology reading for the day. It is called Good Rising TV on YouTube.

Mobile Clinic

KemeTones shows up with Tuning Forks and Wellness Products regularly in Chicago, offering healing to the Community at discounted prices so that everyone can get a glimpse of what this sound healing can do. KemeTones also enjoys having a booth at festivals or table at special events. You can get a free demonstration, which is usually about 30 seconds, or for $1/minute, get a 5 or 10 minute Mini Tune Up.

We also offer counseling about alternative healing, herbs, nutrition, astrology, womb wellness, Kemetic Spirituality, and more. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with people in the community while at the same time introducing people to alternative healing solutions and wellness topics.

Private Mobile Temple Service (VIP Mobile Spa)

If you cannot come to the Light Being Wellness Center Healing Temple Space, then we will bring the Temple to YOU! Receive ALL of the services available at the Wellness Center in the privacy of your own home. We can also bring this experience to your party or special event. .

We also offer counseling about alternative healing, herbs, nutrition, astrology, womb wellness, Kemetic Spirituality, and more..

Wellness Coaching

When we experience a block in our finances, this is an indication of trauma or residual energy from traumatic experience in our energy field. There is ancient and contemporary spiritual technology that can be utilized to correct or shift the energy. Trauma is stored in the Root Chakra, and this is also where our financial freedom, stability, and security are activated. If there is trauma stored there, it will interfere with our finances. KemeTones, HeruScopes, Energy FLOW Analysis, Chanting, and even Dance Moves are some of the practices that we use daily at the Temple, and in this program, these tools will be shared with you. Group classes and individual coaching sessions are available.

Temple Services Package

With the Temple Services Package, you will receive EVERYTHING we have to offer at the Light Being Wellness Center. This package includes Cosmic Tune-Up, HeruScopes Cosmic Navigation, Energy Flow Analysis, and more. .