Rising Up to Fall Equinox 2015: Falling for Autumn

Rising Up to Fall Equinox 2015: Falling for Autumn

Rising Up to Fall Equinox 2015: Falling for Autumn: Music and Celestial Wisdom from Tchiya Amet Prepare for Blood Red Moon

Rising Up to Fall Equinox 2015: Falling for Autumn Wednesday September 23, 4:20 am et. actually, lasts three days total, so, Sept. 22,23, and 24

Why is this season also known as Fall? Because the leaves and the fruit FALL from the Trees. I do not like the term Falling in Love. I choose to RISE in Love…to BE Love,


Everything you want to know about the Equinox can be found on these pages or in this video.


The Page of the Equinox at tchiya.com: Teachings, Music and Lyrics

and the mp3 from soundcloud Equinox



HeruScope for the Equinox

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Ra, Djehuty in Aspolia (Virgo)
This Equinox is NOT taking place during the month of Maat/LIbra. The time of Peace and harmony that you seek comes on October 31. NOW IS THE TIME FOR HEALING PURIFICATION, FOR PLANTING SEEDS OF GOOD INTENTION. Time to work the soil and prepare for a Fall Garden of your Life.  Aspolia lasts 45 days, so we will have plenty of time for this work…..

Time for the Purification of All Things.

Now is the time to use our Creativity in Communication and planting seeds for the Future. Aspolia means SEED!!!!

Speaking of Djehuty, The Portal of Djehuty is Now open. Has been since Sept. 17, and will remain open until October 9.

Here are some posts on the Portal of Djehuty.

HeruScopes © Celestial Update: Aspolia 2014 Full Moon and The Portal Of Djehuty

Mercury Retrograde at tchiya.com

New Strategy for Mercury Retrograde starting with June 7, 2014 (posted May 28, 2014)

I no longer see Mercury Retrograde as something to fear, but I see it as an opening for learning and communication.

djehuty caudecus

I am in the middle of a Djehuty Lesson right now!!! I had this awesome webpage filled with lots of info. Thirty minutes ago, after I sent it out to thousands, the entire page vanished, right before today’s webinar. I have reasoned that the page was too complicated, and I needed to learn to keep it simple…not so easy…. DUA DJEHUTY! LOL!!!

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Sekhmet: HetHeru, Set/Muruga and Amun We have HetHeru and Set, tow very powerful Cosmic Forces that had to battle against their Ego or Lower nature and came out victorious. Allow our consciousness to return to that vast expansive state, and not so caught up in our own challenges and obstacles, to return to that peaceful inner divinity.

Develop the ability to go from peaceful vast emptiness of Amun Consciousness, pull out Sekhmet when necessary. then return to that calm state, in an instant.

RePhan is in Maat. Learning to live within the principles of Maat, can see them as boundary or a cage, or can see as the foundation of creation and see the wisdom of living in alignment with Maat or against. The work of Our generation, of every generation is
Very Simple, yet hardly easy….


Feathers of Maat on Geb =MAAT RESTORED UPON THE EARTH.
The phase of Maat begins on October 31…

The Equinox is a moment when we come back into alignment with the Universe. It is a Portal Opening into Alignment with the True Nature of this Universe, MAAT! With Maat, comes Abundance, Peace, Justice, etc. But first, we must do the work, the HEALING work, the PURIFICATION of  All Things…

PICot Sahu (Pisces): Heru. The Portal of Heru is still Open, in other words, Retrograde, until December 25/26. Hey, that is funny, right around his “birthday”! LOL!!

Anyway, when this Portal is open, it is time to take BOLD DARING unexpected actions in the areas of Redemption, or Making things right, or standing up for self, etc. Heru is the hero, and YOU are the Hero/Heroine in your own Myth. Follow the guidance of Ra and Djehuty, and work in the areas of Aspolia: planting seeds, purification, and healing. 


256px-Wall_relief_Kom_Ombo13 heru set

KuUrKu NebtHet

Asar and Sesheta are in Pi Maere, Sagittarius, Sesheta is the Moon Goddess here at HeruScopes. We call on her to assist us with Astronomy, Astrology, Architecture, Engineering, Sacred Geometry, etc. Also, dealing with the personality.  We can use this window to build a sacred space to contain us when we are going through intense transformation, something that will carry us through. For me, it is my spiritual practice. Changing my mindset from lack to affluence is also doing lot for my healing the root chakra. The two are intertwined….What will YOU create during this window?

OLMEC: Galactic Vibration

for TODAY’s Date 9.21.2015




EQUINOX September 23, 2015





Healing from Trauma is connected to Financial Freedom.


HOTEP! Amet El Maat

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