Portal Of Djehuty Opening January 5-25, 2016

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Good Rising and Great Awakenings. Here are earlier entries on this subject, when I first began to see Mercury Retrograde as an OPENING rather than something to be feared or avoided…


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New Strategy for Mercury Retrograde starting with June 7, 2014 (posted May 28, 2014)

New Strategy for Mercury Retrograde starting with June 7, 2014

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djehuyt baboon


djehuty maat




This song features the Principles from the Kybalion. Hetep.



The Portal has been opened for  over 2 days now, and I have yet to have any technical disasters or miscommunications. In fact, just the opposite is happening, and I feel great! Looking forward to what is ahead. Jupiter also goes retrograde this week, read in the section below. Instead of obstacles, or blockages, I am feeling the flow, and it is increasing. Thisis a opportunity for transformation and growth, not fear and isolation. I will not plan to make any major  decisions during this time, however, when the opportunity presents itself, I will “GRAB THE BULL BY ITS HORNS!”
Hmmm, Asar (Pliuto at HeruScopes) is also Amenta, THE BULL see below….


At HeruScopes, what does this mean? Currently. Djehuty is residing in Hupenius/Sidereal Capricorn
“Idealism, Altruism, detachment, coldness, revolution, reformation, justification, eccentricity, idealism, fraternity, objectivity, progressiveness, science, and unpredictability. The Place of Sacrifice.”

Portal Of Djehuty Opening January 5-25, 2016

Remember, do not take anything personally. Do not be so hard on yourself, or overly critical and judgmental.  Leave that to Maat!

From my experience, when I dive right into the opening, and welcome the changes, challenges and obstacles, seeing the gift in the adversity, these phases are a joy to experience. Now that I look forward to the openings instead of dreading the breakdowns, life is more pleasant during these times! LOL!!


blue lotus gift

My computers broke down weeks before Mercury Retrograde! I will be traveling and teaching during this opening, and this will represent the next phase of my vision for the  rest of my life, manifesting. The first step to living out my dream, is actually starting DURING a mercury retrograde. I am confident that I will handle any tech issues with grace and gratitude.

I have not gotten to the point where I plan my yearly activities around this event. But, it might be fun to try! This just sort of happened: I will be teaching KemeTones Level 1 Certification and Retreat in Jamaica! Starting with the New Moon on January 10 through January 17.





Here is some fascinating news that arrived on the first day of this Opening, from ASAR! Pluto…

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Dua Ra Dua Asar
Pluto’s haze layer, backlit by the Sun.


color enhanced pluto

color enhanced Pluto and Moon Charon. Do you see a heart shape on the far right side of this image????? HMMMM.
They Call the Moon Charon, whose reddish north pole is dubbed Mordor Macula.


Seeing these images is causing me to reflect on the transformative power of self love and positive communications. What do YOU see?



excerpts from Astrology GIFs for the Week of January 4, 2016


The opening and first official act of 2016 is to have both fast-talking Mercury and lucky Jupiter go retrograde in the same week. Considering Mercury is the planet that symbolically supervises everything that gets us from point A to B, like communication, commerce, and travel, his rascally ways affect us all. And that’s usually the problem with Mercury retrogrades. We put so much stock in moving our money, our thoughts, or ourselves from point A to B that we don’t appreciate the moment. We also want all our mercurial things to work regularly without understanding that Mercury is undergoing a renewal at his retrograde.

Mercury’s move backward happens because the planet has actually finished its year: It’s only 88 days long. This is why we usually have three Mercury retrogrades each year. (He loses 21 of our days during each retrograde.) In other words, Mercury, at his new year, doesn’t care about your briny tears because things don’t go exactly as you plan. Yes, back up your hard drives, double-check your appointments, and ask for clarification when in doubt about what you’re hearing or reading. However, be creative and connect with the meaning behind what’s happening.

Jupiter’s longer retrograde (until May 9) will help with that. Jupiter is more than the lucky planet. He supplies the enthusiasm, gusto, and broad-minded thinking for why we seek to get from one place to another. With Jupiter on pullback, it’s time to contemplate how we’re growing or not growing in our relationships, personal development, and careers. Luck “is what happens when opportunity meets preparation,” according to Seneca, one Roman philosopher. Cultivate your opportunities.




here are some other articles on Mercury retrograde… from SkyWriter.com

For myself, I consider the regularly recurring retrograde periods are excellent times to be reviewing our work and refining it.   As a writer, I cherish those intervals as opportunities to revise writing projects already in process.

Here are links to some previous blog articles that spell out ways to use these periods productively and to avoid certain difficulties that come up.


Ankh, Udja Seneb as your journey through the PORTAL OF DJEHUTY. HOTEP!


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