NO MORE WAR! Day #23: 40 Day FREE MY MUSIC Give Away

NO MORE WAR! Day #23: 40 Day FREE MY MUSIC GIVE AWAYGreetings. Welcome to Day #23: FREE MY MUSIC Give Away

Just to remind you WHY this is happening, please read


Today’s song is something I recorded on garageband like a decade ago, and today, added an additional lead vocal. The one I recorded was too faint, and could not be changed. No More War! A Plea to end war.


And the People are dying, from more war

While the Nations are fighting, for more war.

The Weapons Factory profits, from more war.

While My Brothers /Sistahs are killing each other, for more war

The Children/Babies are dying, from more war.

While the Fathers/Mothers are crying, for no more war.

We want no mo war, we need no mo war

We want no mo war, we neeeeeeed no mo war.

Live and let live,
Just let us be.
We’ve got to live, we MUST live free!
Why must you rule over everybody?
Why can’t you see, we’d die, to be free?


(We give ’em) A Standing Ovation for their Novation

A Standing Ovation, while they ruin Our Nation.


I LOVE the part that says, “We give ’em, a standing ovation for their NOVATION. Standing ovation while they ruin our nation.”

What is a Novation: I first learned of this term when I was studying SOVEREIGNTY.  I am sure this word will get used more after October 20th, when they make China one of the Monetary federal Reserve countries…

From Black’s Legal Dictionary:


Novation is the substitution of a new debt or obligation for an existing one. Civ. Code Cal.

This can come in very handy when you are trying to TAKE OVER AN ENTIRE COUNTRY. OR DEALING WITH ENSLAVEMENT OF AN ENTIRE NATION.
I remember when they were talking about drafting young women….I am so glad it has not happened. yet.
In the background, you can see the Ancestral altar, with photograph of my Great Grandmother Annabelle Spurlock Gray, the woman that played the harp, piano and cello on a ferry boat…huge hat with ostrich feather, MAAT!


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