Mobile Services

Mobile Clinic

KemeTones shows up with Tuning Forks and Wellness Products regularly around Chicago, offering Healing to the Community at discounted prices so that everyone can get a glimpse of what this sound healing can do. KemeTones also enjoys having a booth at festivals or table at special events. Stop by for a Mini-Tune-Up, for $1/minute, get a15 or 30 minute session.

We also offer counseling about alternative healing, herbs, nutrition, astrology, womb wellness, Kemetic Spirituality, and more. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with the community while at the same time introducing them to alternative healing solutions and wellness topics.

  • Sat Nam Yoga Chicago 1304 W. Washington 6-10 pm
  • Haji Healing Salon 746 E. 79th 12-4 on Sundays, 3-6 on Tuesdays
  • Wahe Guru 48 E. 28th Street 12-6pm

Private Mobile Temple Service (VIP Mobile Spa)

If You cannot make it to the Light Being Wellness Center Sound Healing Temple, then we will bring the Temple Space to YOU! We will set up the Copper Pyramid, bring all chimes, tuning forks, bowls, crystals, aromatherapy, and all healing tools and services to your home, private party or special event. Cosmic Tune-Up, HeruScopes Cosmic Navigation (Astrology Chart, Analysis, and In-Person Consultation). Energy FLOW Analysis (Energy Reading) where we identify and eliminate energy blocks. You will be prescribed various chants and other actions for maintenance. The Session will conclude with breathing exercises, chanting and meditation, all in the privacy of your own home.

We also offer counseling about alternative healing, herbs, nutrition, womb wellness, healing from trauma, Self Care, Kemetic Spirituality, and more. Please contact us for scheduling, pricing and more information.

Mobile Clinic and Spa Services available from the Light Being Wellness Center