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A Lovely Day at the Creek

A Lovely Day at the Creek with Sybil, and with Ilu. I dare not take them at the same time! Walking to the creek is dangerous these days, because many dogs are fenced in, yet, they can escape at will. Many dogs can crawl under the gate, and a few can simply hop over...

Planetary Alignment Winter 2016

[su_heading size="37" align="left" margin="30"]Planetary Alignment Winter 2016/su_heading] Good Rising Great Awakenings! UBEN NEFER NEHAST! Welcome to the HeruScopes Analysis of the current Planetary Alignment Winter 2016. I wanted to get this to you sooner, but there...

KemeTones Meets the LAST POETS!

KemeTones Meets the LAST POETS! When the LAST POETS came to Petaluma, CA on November 14, 2015, KemeTones was there. In fact, I read a poem for the first time in public, at a Poetry  workshop/reading for, and presented by the Last Poets. Phoenix Theater in Petaluma...

Ra Djehuty Rephan Ip: Sun Mercury and Saturn in Sidereal Scorpio; Healing and REMEMBERING OUR ANCESTORS

Ra Rephan Ip: Sun and Saturn in Sidereal Scorpio; REMEMBERING OUR ANCESTORS HeruScopes for The Second Day of Ip, November 24, 2015   This is usually a very difficult week for me, as three painful events for my Clan happen this week in history. November 23, first...

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