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We begin the journey of Defining the Meaning of Reggae Wellness, as well as outlining the path to achieve this State of Consciousness, this Vibration of Being, this Way of Living that is REGGAE WEL… Source: WHAT IS REGGAE WELLNESS? pt. 1

Natural Dental Care

 Natural Dental Care at  This story begins with my dentists always telling me that I had a beautiful smile. I knew that my mom got dentures before she was twenty! She was tricked into this scheme back in the 1950's.  Weren't they still riding on dinosaurs...

KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages

Welcome to KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages!   Now that you have taken the time to learn more about KemeTones, the time has come to decide what package is best for you! Of course, you can still choose to receive a Cosmic Sound Healing instead. Review...

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