Full Moon in Sidereal Sagittarius plus Watery Element Attunement

Great Awakenings. The Strawberry Full Moon occurs at 1:40 central this afternoon. Of course it appears full for three nights. Last night, tonight and tomorrow.

Place your crystals near a window or even outside so they can soak up the illumination.

Spend time in prayer & meditation. Connect with the Neters while listening to this Transmission, the Cosmic Chimes & Chanting Session: Adorations to Djehuty, Asar Amun and Ra. Full Moon in Sidereal Sag, Sun in Sidereal Gemini.

Also included is a transmission for the transits with Watery Vibrations: Neptune just went Retrograde in Pisces, Mars in Cancer and Jupiter Retrograde in Sidereal Aquarius.


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