Divine Black Light that is Love

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In this blog, section, I will be writitng about the Divine Black LIght that is Love; that is the Sacred Darkness that gave birth to the Light of Day.

I will also be posting articles from around the web….  Hetep!

Comment by Universal Divine Being IsIs at WACPTV.com

Why Is There Such An Effort To Vilify, Demean, And Demonize, DARKNESS???

Myth — Divine Truth And Reality That Can Not Be Verified By The Use Of a  Belief System, Yet Can Be Verified By Divine Thought.

False — That Which Is Without The Foundation Of Divine Truth And Reality, Yet Is Claimed to Be True And Real With The Use Of A Belief System.

To me, the Movie Freedom Slave is a Movie that is to a Divine Thinking Mind, will place such a Mind in a momentary state of depressing , because such a Thinking Mind can see the game white folks still is playing with the mind of Black folks, concerning the period of Time of our Ancestors Enslavement.


Is embracing and subscribing only to the light and knowing nothing about darkness, demeaning, and demonizing, darkness? IF SO ARE WE demeaning, and demonizing

Is identifying with self hate to not learn and know about the Divine black perfect night darkness from which our people originated from?

Thank you Universal Being! I couldn’t have said it any better!!!

Comment by Universal Divine Being IsIs


Beloved Ispirit *light of universal*, what is your knowledge of Dark Matter?

What is the difference between human being and Divine Being?

Thank you Universal Being Once Again for another excellent post!

Listen:“Oh Sacred Darkness, Mother of Pure Light Within the Soul of My Soul, Rebirth Yourself in Me Now!” 

Download Sacred Darkness free ringtone!


M Mer N Khut (In Love and Light)
Tchiya Amet El Maat

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