Dagger in the Heart of the Mother Lioness: Leo Conjunction of Venus, Mars & Jupiter

Dagger in the Heart of the Mother Lioness:
Leo Conjunction of Venus, Mars & Jupiter
October 23-November 6


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On Friday, October 23, I was awakened by a horrible sadness. Now I have had my bouts of depression before, but this was something different. It came, as if from nowhere. I tried to reason with my emotions, and could not, so I called a friend. She was also having an emotional outburst. I went outside to look at the stars, and saw this. How I wish I was the type of astrologer or astronomer that knew about these events ahead of time, so I could have better experience or reaction. Alas, I am just an artist that LOVES the Stars, and I live in the moment, so I just do the best I can, and offer an explanation for why things might have happened, sigh. Anyway, this is what I saw. No, I did not take this photo, although I tried. I will have to get a real camera someday!


https://starlightcascade.ca/blog/ Venus, Mars, Jupiter in Leo

What’s up this week?
From the RASC 2015 Calendar https://starlightcascade.ca/blog/
Saturday 2015 Oct 24 Venus 1.7 deg upper right of Jupiter before sunrise
Sunday 2015 Oct 25 Venus 1.2 deg right of Jupiter at dawn
Monday 2015 Oct 26 Venus at greatest elongation (46 deg West); tight conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Mars
Sunday 2015 Nov 01 Daylight Saving Time ends, we move from UT-4 to UT-5

When I was out there, receiving my daily Celestial Energy Treatment, this is what I felt:



or this

Yes, in the Western System, I am considered to be a Leo, and this is how I continue to move about the world, yet, there was something deeper. Why did I feel like I had just been stabbed in the heart, murdered? After much discussion and reflection, I realized the significance of the sadness and pain that had come up. The reminder of a grand betrayal that I had tried to forget. I was overcome with feelings of wanting to “fix” the broken relationships. I had imagined all of these scenarios that could heal the estrangement and unresolved issues.  I was going to reach out, make calls, I had many ideas for taking action. I wanted to feel peace and love, and I wanted it RIGHT NOW!!!


I was going to write a song, explaining the entire story. Then, I realized that it was just a story.My story. There are thousands of sad stories! LOL!!  I spent time in reflection on the Teachings about Asar, Aset and Heru.  I thought of what would Aset do, of all that She had done to keep her family together, even gathering all of the dismembered pieces and putting them back together, all but one, that is. Of course, this is only one level of the story. I had to get to the ROOT. About the Intuition, the Soul, and the Redemption of the Soul, THIS is the inner meaning of the myth.


Once I got to the root, and had identified the emotion as a Cosmic Alignment, the sadness faded quickly, and I was able to get on with my day. I am still writing a song, but it will be about solution, not about the story….I have been commenting on this conjunction, but not really reflecting upon the significance until Friday, when it revealed itself to me! In fact, I was more excited about the Comet, so much so that I almost overlooked this.

Here is the HeruScope for this grand event. My Intention is that this info will assist us as we go through this process for the rest of the week…

first, the chart from astrology13.com



The Conjunction: HETHERU, SET AND PI CHEUS/AMUN ALL IN SEKHMET. Plus, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Moon is Full October 27th at 8:05 am edt

What is the significance of this???

HetHeru is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Will Power and Might. She represents the Life Force Energy.  Set is the Cosmic Force of Egoism,  Selfishness and Greed, yet is time, is able to control himself and serve the Divine. and PiCheus or Amun, the Witnessing Consciousness.  And today, the Moon is still in Picot Sahu, (Pisces) but for the Full Moon, will be in Tamet Amon (Aries). We are still dealing with Rephan and Heru are still retrograde. HetHeru , and Djehuty are direct again. Ra, although still in Aspolia (Sidereal Virgo) for a few more days, will be heading into  Maat (LIBRA) on October 31. We are moving from putting the Garden of Our Life in Order and Planting Seeds of Good Intention, then into Maat, Sidereal LIbra, Balance and harmony. So, how can the Moon be Full on October 27????? I thought the Moon was Full when the Moon and Sun were in opposite constellations? ANYHOO, If I could answer this, I would also know the answer to world peace.

When I look at this chart, Of course, the outstanding feature is the Sekhmet Conjunction.  HetHeru and Her relationship with Sekhmet is well known from the story from The Teachings: Ra sent his Daughter HetHeru out into the world of time and space, in order to have her deal with the unrighteous, in other words, to eliminate them. Somewhere along the away, she became intoxicated with her power, and lust and greed began to take over her consciousness, she lost her Knowledge of Self, of her True Identity. She became a merciless, cold blooded killer, and began to kill innocent and righteous people. Then her Father Ra decided to send Djehuty to bring her back, to help her to remember her Divine State of Consciousness, to remember who she truly is, a Daughter of Creation, a Goddess. This was no easy task! However, in the end, the Wisdom of Djehuty won out, and she was able to regain her sense of Self, and return to her divine consciousness. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A DESCRIPTION OF THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY WE ALL GO THROUGH EVERYDAY ALONG THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT.
for more information, please visit EgyptianYoga.com

Sekhmet is also known to be the most powerful Healer. She IS the Life Force Energy, the Sekhem. Although to remain in Sekhmet for too long can be considered dangerous, when this energy is balanced, and can be controlled, this is a very powerful combination. This reprsents the ultimate ability of healing, knowing when to purify and let go of toxins, and when to be nurturing and soothing. Must have BOTH to remain balanced.

If you recall, it was Hetheru that restored Vision to Heru, the Incarnation of the Supreme Being, the Birth of the Spiritual Life of Every Human Being.


Set in Sekhmet is another opportunity for growth, this time in the area of controlling Emotions, and Feelings. Winning the Battle of Heru and Set. Emotions make poor \Masters, yet excellent Servants, to paraphrase Kemetic proverb….
Serve the Divine, not personal interests or agendas.

Djehuty is often called the Moon God. At HeruScopes, He is associated with Mercury, however, they are both connected to the Moon. Djehuty  and Sesheta are both sharing wisdomewith me tonight….

DJ & Sesheta


Sesheta Ra

Nuk Pu HetHeru  I AM HETHERU




heru set
Heru, Asar and Set, all on good terms for a change!


Kemetic Proverb for Today: “Mastery of self consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher FORCES against the lower thus escaping the pains of the lower by vibrating on the higher.”



Heru Set3 HeruSet1


These two images show Set and Heru, UNITED working together for the GOOD of Creation, after having gone through many battles. These of course, all represent the struggles of the Soul, the battle within,  that we face daily, moment by moment actually.

This is a time to become more familiar with your own Sekhem Energy, also known as Kundalini, and learn how to use it for the Good of the All. As this moment is also enhanced by the Power of PiCheus/Amun/Jupiter: Wisdom, Travel, Expansion, Witnessing Consciousness, NOW IS THE TIME. 

When I saw the Conjunction on Friday the Moon was not yet in the picture. However, today, Sesheta is very much in the picture. I will include Her in this Analysis..


What I learned by the middle of the day on Friday is this: I had felt for over 20 years that certain family members did not like me because I am Black, because I have a Conscious Spiritual Black Woman’s perspective, response, and solutions. What do they expect? I am from the Southside of Chicago. From a long line of Entrepreneurs and Free Men and Independent Women. I had spent years trying to fit into the world they lived in, and I simply did not fit. I had spent years trying to figure out how we can still be together, how I could be around them, without being who I am.

Friday, I realized that I was the one killing the Lion, not anyone else. I was remaining silent, and not taking actions. Not being true to MY Self. There is a great distance between  myself and most of my family members/relatives. Not because I am “Too Black” or even  “Too Red”, but, because, the individuals or other family members do not love, the aspect of THEMSELVES that is Black, that is Indigenous. They have chosen to live in denial of this Truth, and I am simply a cosmic force that is here to remind them. Of course, there will be negativity coming at me when in this environment. My goal is to strive to live without judgement, even when faced with ignorance and unrighteousness. To be able to be in that environment and only feel and radiate love. 

As my Shedy, spiritual practice, continues to grow, and my own Ariyu (closest translation, Karma) continues to become more and more in the light, I will no longer have to put that dagger in my own heart, and be silent, or absent or feel awkward or u

nwanted, or left out. UN-needed. Worst of all, Unloved. These are all qualities of Set that I chose to express out of fear and insecurity. I will ROAR, I WILL SING AND I WILL DANCE.I will cleanse and purify my heart so that is is as light as the Feather of Maat.

Maat Feather


Why did this combination feel like I had been stabbed in the heart? Murdered by a huntress? The Moon is Full right now. In Fact, at the moment of this posting, SHE WAS SET-TING! LOL!! Get It? SET-ting???
I am going to go ask her….





The Moon spoke to me as she was SET-ting in Pisces, PiCotSahu, and will RISE tomorrow in Aries or Tamet Ammon.


Here are HetHeru and Amun still shining brightly in Sekhmet. Jupoter and Venus in Leo, Mars has moved on….no longer visible. 

HetHeru and PiCheus Amun Conjunction in Sekhmet




 speak truth blue lotus gift

With this revelation, decades of guilt, sadness, sense of separation, anger, sense of betrayal, sense of loss, grief, all of that, was washed away. Of course, I have been doing much self healing work on healing family matters, wanting to communicate, etc. This alignment is a sign that I have worked on these issues, I have done some healing, and it is now time to let go. 

from other resources, all confirming what I felt that Friday Rising…which also happens to be HetHeru or Venus Day.

from lunarplanner.com

“Mars, Venus and Jupiter also conjoin in this lunar cycle under the auspices of the Lion and fiery and creative Mizar of the Great Bear. This conjunction is the culmination of the Venus retrograde and her multi-conjunctions with Mars and Jupiter, now impelling us to mobilize and expand in demonstrable action upon the inner changes we have made during the retrograde occurring over the last few months—in our values, in our capacity to be receptive to far greater changes coming in our lives, and in our capacity to live from the audacity of a fearless wide open heart.”  Nick Anthony Fiorenza


Venus, Mars, Jupiter Conjunction in Leo October 23-November 3 2015

See Venus lap Jupiter, then Mars, in an early morning planetary race

from star signposts:

Sun October 25

Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Leo: These two ‘benefics’, as they are often called in the astrological literature, can bring some form of tender loving care and support into your life. You might find your heart brimming over with a desire to reach out to others. Open your heart despite your fear or uncertainty about what might happen in the future. This aspect knows no limits in terms of treating yourself or others to something special and desired, often of the highest quality and often costing more than you had expected to pay. Find a way to indulge your sensual delight today, so says the stars.

Mon October 26

Moon/Uranus conjunction in Pisces: This aspect precedes tomorrow’s early morning Full Moon, perhaps catalyzing a sudden clarity, like a late night epiphany. When the emotional Moon makes a monthly alignment to spontaneous, erratic Uranus, there’s always the possibility for taking an emotional risk or leap of faith, or experience a swift storm of release, all part of the grieving process. Don’t deny yourself the experience of the healing power of water in the form of life-sustaining tears.

I pray that you have enjoyed this analysis of the Leo Conjunction of Venus, Mars & Jupiter.. If any of this resonates with you, or if you found something of value here, please leave a comment below.

Also, be sure to join us this evening at 5 pm pacific for the KemeTones Self Analysis and Session for the Celestial Event.

Every Other Monday.

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Large clouds of gas glowing deep in space
Large clouds of gas glowing deep in space

I am MOST Grateful for and Humbled by this Leo Conjunction of Venus, Mars & Jupiter

Dua Sesheta, Dua Sekhmet, Dua HetHeru, Dua Set! Dua Amun. HOTEP!

Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.



  • Alexa,
    Posted October 29, 2015 9:35 am

    This broke down a lot of things in detail and has shown me how I am aligned with the universe. I am a Leo so this spoke to me and the fact that there was I I brought to my attention recently that made me feel exactly the emotions stated in the article. But he good things is I have done exactly what this article said and that’s overcome the emotional side of my Lioness and remember who I am and that’s a healer with a nurturing heart of gold and I am so glad I read this. This made me excited and has lifted my vibrations when I was feeling a little down due to the dagger that was lodged in my heart early this week. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge, again your changing lives! Peace and Bless!

    • Tchiya Amet,
      Posted October 29, 2015 11:27 pm

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post your reflection. It means a lot to me that this work is helping someone. Because that is why I am doing this work, why I am living this life. I look forward to connecting with you again. The Dagger is so real, and so grateful to have had this entire experience, even sharing is part of the experience. Peace and Love, Tchiya

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