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According to, due to the fact that this will be the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century, lasting only 4 minutes 31 seconds, this eclipse will not be very bloody at all, the characteristic copper color caused by totality. For technical details of this event, visit
“ There will be a total eclipse of the moon on Saturday (April 4), and it will be visible over all of the Pacific Ocean and much of the adjacent mainland.
I have named this the Bleeding Heart Moon. Read the HeruScopes Analysis to learn why….

Skywatchers in Asia and Australia will see the first total lunar eclipse of 2015 on Friday evening (April 3) after sunset, while observers in North and South America will see it Saturday morning just before sunrise.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through Earth’s shadow. Because the moon’s orbit is tilted, most of the time the moon passes above or below the Earth’s shadow, and no eclipse occurs.”

Here are the times of the contacts, first in Universal Time, and then converted for a few selected cities:

Contact UT New York Los Angeles Honolulu Sydney

P1 09:01 05:01 am 02:01 am 11:01 pm 08:01 pm

U1 10:15 06:15 am 03:15 am 12:15 am 09:15 pm

U2 11:58 07:58 am 04:58 am 01:58 am 10:58 pm

U3 12:02 08:02 am 05:02 am 02:02 am 11:02 pm

U4 13:44 09:44 am 06:44 am 03:44 am 12:44 am

P4 14:59 10:59 am 07:59 am 04:59 am 01:59 am

All times are on April 4, except for P1 in Honolulu (April 3) and U4 and P4 in Sydney (April 5). Every time there is an event like this one that occurs after midnight, some people miss it because they look for it a day late. Here on West Coast, we will miss the last phase of this event due to Sunlight.

This Total Lunar Eclipse or “Blood Moon”, is on April 4, 2015 and will be visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia. The Moon will be totally eclipsed (totality) for about 5 minutes. From beginning to end, it will last for 3 hours and 29 mins. This is the third eclipse in the 2014–2015 tetrad.

from April 4, 2015 — Total Lunar Eclipse

Where to see the eclipse

Regions seeing at least some parts of the eclipse: Much of Asia, Australia, Much of North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
Yangon, Myanmar
Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seoul, South Korea
Taipei, Taiwan

Singapore, Singapore
Bangkok, Thailand
Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality, China
Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tokyo, Japan
Jakarta, Jakarta Special Capital Region, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines

Cities where partial eclipse is visible

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Caracas, Venezuela
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
New York, New York, U.S.A.
Washington DC, District of Columbia, U.S.A.
Santiago, Chile
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Lima, Lima, Peru
Havana, Cuba
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Guatemala, Guatemala
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Sat April 4

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Lunar Eclipses provide a chance for emotional resynchronization. They tend to be more emotionally experienced, highlighting how our inner landscape of feeling is clearly playing out in the circumstances of our outer lives, especially in regards to relationships and health. With the Sun in Pisces aligned with the South Lunar Node, you might be feeling the urge to free yourself of some unwanted influences of the past, including just having a good cry as this alignment cleanses old buried grief. And the Full-orb-of-Moon in Virgo is aligning with the North Lunar Node of your future Self, making this a good time to look ahead and commit to the path going forward. Remember the theme of sacred water and purifying the lymphatic system. Under this extraordinary Full Moon , seek out a hot spring soak tonight!

Virgo Moon square Pluto opposite Uranus: This is another reason this particular Full Moon is catalytic and exceptional beyond a usual Full Moon. Remember how we finished the final Uranus/Pluto square on March 16? (You can reread my previous Star Signposts if you need to refresh your memory.) The fact that the Moon is trigger this aspect yet again, it can activate our cellular memory for more clearing and cleansing

Sun April 5

Mercury/South Node conjunction in Pisces: As we are absorbing and hopefully celebrating in the cascading awareness of yesterday’s Full Moon Eclipse, today Mercury will align with the South Node of what we are ready to leave behind. I know I talk endlessly about release of the past and embrace of our future self, but that’s because every single moment of every single days old cells are dying and new cells are being born, right? It is the very nature of life to keep growing, and thereby, in order to stay healthy, to experience these tiny daily cellular deaths. Nothing morbid about it. Today, old ideas are being released in favor of a healthier mind set, which leads to greater mental health.

Moon in Libra opposite Mars in Aries: This aspect might occur in the natal astrological charts of gifted lawyers, mediators, counselors. The Moon in Libra seeks peace, always, and balance. Mars in Aries does not run from a fight or confrontation. These two tendencies of character are at odds today and are seeking some kind of agreement. There may be some level of this dynamic playing out in your personal sphere today.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.59.15 PM


I see BALANCE. Maat.

HeruScopes Handbook and Resource Guide

Sesheta (The Moon)
April 1   Sekhmet
April 2   Sekhmet
April 3      Aspolia
April 4      Aspolia  Eclipse Begins at 2:01 am PDT, ends at 7:59 am PDT
April 5      Aspolia
April 6      Aspolia; @ 9am PDT moves into Maat
April 7      Maat
April 8      Maat; @ 8am PDT moves into Ip; @ 20:00 or 8pm, PDT,  moves into Imhotep.
April 9      Imhotep
April 10 Imhotep
April 11  Pi Maere


Sesheta (The Goddess of the Moon) is the Female Scribe, the Goddess of Mathematics, Astrology. Astronomy, Engineering, Bookkeeping, Accounting, The Library. The One that invented the med Neter and TAUGHT to her counterpart, Djehuty!
When Sesheta is in Sekhmet, it is a time for writing, and learning about healing, which is what we are doing at this moment. It is a time when our personality is going through a healing, such as during this powerful eclipse coming up.

The Full Moon will be Eclipsed while in Aspolia. This points to a dramatic shift in Order and Purification of the Personality. A Time for tearing down an old way of doing things that no longer serves us, and for bringing new systems of order into manifestation, or perhaps even bringing old systems into alignment with Maat. Now is the time to take Maat Action that will lay the foundation for A Bright Future. Then of course, after the Eclipse, we will be Illuminated by the Light Of Maat that we have created during the Eclipse. Then we go through a brief period of Manfestation and Purification of Desire during Ip, then more healing while in Imhotep, and so on….


RePhan: Ip for the entire planet!
Rephan (Saturn): Ip (Scorpio)
bringer of stability and prosperity, boundaries, limitations, rules, laws, restrictions, limits, negative influence, endurance, discipline, denial, cruelty, . It defines deeper feelings; symbolizes death/transformation and also sex. Karma.
from the cosmic path “Saturn in your birth chart reveals the place where you must learn to be more mature in your approach, it points to where your fears are, where you tend to repeat mistakes, and therefore feel inadequate, or handicapped. Saturn can be the voice of your conscience, the remnants of a parent who restricted you or limited you in early childhood. The planet is known as The Great Teacher, Fate or Karma, and Father Time, because it puts you through repetitive cycles that turn out to be lessons in becoming responsible for yourself. Saturn functions on the social level of our experience (along with Jupiter), and it represents the place where you feel social stigma, less than adequate with regard to others, where you feel judged by others, or afraid to assert yourself for fear of social rapprochement. Eventually, Saturn bestows personal authority in those areas where you feel most limited, because the discomfort causes you to learn how to deal with the issues that repress you and hold you back.”


Ip: Extrovertedness

Indifference, fun, free thinking, extravagance, and worry. True Scorpion is very rare….

also, desire, passion, ruling over ego, consciousness



Rephan in Ip (Sidereal Scorpio)
boundaries and limitations of fun and sensuality does not sound like fun! however, crucial in order to maintain balance in life. More mature approach is to trust intuition and higher consciousness. Relationships, in the past, may have overlooked boundaries in order to maintain them. From hereon, will observe boundaries and trust intuition above all things. Allow your relationship with Higher Self to be the grounding force in your life. Not another being or relationship. No longer allow Ego to rule or determine relationships. Also, watch out for other extreme possibility of indifference, which may be due to fear from past trauma. Do not see Boundaries as being there to keep desires limited, but to keep them contained, focused.

“Saturn is transiting to Scorpio on November 2nd, 2014 and will be residing in the same sign till January 26th, 2017. A Saturn Transit is an opportunity to strengthen an area in your life that has been operating dysfunctionally and now needs to function optimally in order to assist you in traveling your path successfully. Work with Saturn instead of resisting his current lessons. You will come to a better understanding of Saturnian experiences and be able to move through this period of Saturn transit with more grace and ease.”

“It will be a pain point; however, Saturn does not inflict random or purposeless painful experiences. He teaches you to become closer to your higher source and be more compassionate and humble by putting you though difficulties. Sometimes it may feel as trial by fire but remember it only tough love. It is in your darkest moments that you either become more grateful and aware or become self-focused only and depressed for what has happened to you.”

Saturn Transit in Scorpio – November 2nd, 2014 IST
Predictions for Virgo Moon Sign

Are You Dealing with Obstacles? Obstacles to your Desires? 
Obstacle Busting Practices:
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo: the Lotus Sutra

From Shetaut Neter Morning Devotional Worship:
Next invoke the assistance of the deity or cosmic force which removes obstacles to your success in spiritual practice. Anpu is the deity which leads souls through the narrow pathways of the Duat. Therefore, request the assistance of Anpu, who represents the discriminative intellectual ability so that you may “distinguish the real from the unreal”.

“O Apuat (Anpu), opener of the ways, the roads of the North, O Anpu, opener of the ways, the roads of the South. The messenger between heaven and hell displaying alternately a face black as night, and golden as the day. He is equally watchful by day as by night.”

“May Anpu make my thighs firm so that I may stand upon them”.

“I have washed myself in the water wherein the god
Anpu washed when he performed the office of embalmer and        bandager.

My lips are the lips of Anpu”.

*******PAUSE 1 Minute for Silent Meditation*******

Play sistrum in pattern of three shakes three times (123-123-123) then continue

Neb Medtu, Neb Djedu, Er A Sut, Aha Neteru Demdyu

Meaning: All words, all spoken about me (from outside me, e.g., others saying things about me, and also from inside me, e.g, negative, egoistic self talk based on fear, anger, insecurity, frustration, etc.), the neteru, those gods and goddesses, together they stand up for me (on my behalf).


PiCot Sahu

RA: PICOT SAHU (Sun in Sidereal Pisces)
Many of you believe this is a Blood Moon because we are in Aries. This could not be further from the truth! This is only a Blood Moon because of the copper shade at Totality. As stated earlier, this will be the shortest eclipse of the century , and we are not expecting it to be so red. We could call it a Bleeding Heart Moon, as we are dealing with emotions. Past Emotions are coming up, and now we can start reprogramming ourselves with new or positive ones. I am already feeling the pull to heal or reconnect relationships that have been affected by the Ego in one way or another, or maybe BOTH ways! LOL!!!

Also, changing my relationship with money, In fact, it has already shifted, and this is due to the rediscovery of some very POSITIVE feelings about money from my early childhood. Yes, I realized that when I am feeling great, blissed out, I tend to hide the light, because, I feel guilty about feeling so good. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS THAT I HAVE ATTAINED. DUA RA PICOT SAHU. I FEEL GREAT AND I AM  NOT GONG TO HIDE THIS ANYMORE. Also, conquering some very old fears about performing and compensation. Get ready!!! During the Retreat, I learned that the best thing to do when feeling bliss is to share with others, not out of bragging or ego, but out of the desire to uplift humanity. It is OKAY!!!! LOL!!!

What does it mean to experience an eclipse with this energy? Well Aspolia (Virgo) is about putting things in order, maintaining the Order of Maat through Purification of the Soul, the Mind, the Land, the Home, the Heart, the Womb. So, during this event, we are dealing with the Purification of our Emotions, perhaps about all of these areas of our lives. Our attachment to the old ways of doing things, the old ways of being. During my Equinox Eclipse Experience with Ayahuasca (next post coming soon), I experienced a TOTAL RESET. I EVEN WENT INTO SEIZURE AND SUFFERED FROM MEMORY LOSS. This took me back to ways of living, feeling, thinking, being that resembled the days of my infancy, when I had seizures quite often. Food does not taste the same. Nothing is the same. Now is the time to start completely fresh, develop new habits, new favorites, new thoughts, projects, etc, with no attachment to the Trauma from the past 53 years and beyond. I have no emotion attached to the trauma, besides the desire for FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. This is all that matters right now. It is as if my emotion have been eclipsed by something greater than my own ego.  This will be expressed through my music thank JAH! This area has also received a reset….stay tuned….

RA : Sun; Surya; associated with Siva; Sunday Power, light, courage, creativity, leadership, rebirth, the whole of things. sun-symbol 

from the cosmic path: Shows the individual STYLE with which we express the cosmic forces. Depending on the way you utilize the vital power the Sun offers you, the personal vibration of your individuality will emerge over the years and shine forth throughout the course of your lifetime.

Right now, the focus for the planet is on Emotions; 
Saa: Understanding with Feeling.
Pi-cot Sahu/Orion (Pisces); March 12 to April 19 The company of fish of Him (Sahu/Asar/Orion) that cometh, wayfaring man The beginning. Self-expression, worry, dynamism, impatience, initiative, courage, aggression, impulsiveness, passion, selfishness, leadership, tendencies, self-obsession, self-preservation, confusion,and escape. Can be sensitive and/or emotional at times.

Trust Your Intuition, Purify the Ego with Consistent Spiritual Practice and Take Maat Action Daily.
“Feelings are good servants but poor masters” Kemetic Proverb


Djehuty PiCot Sahu; Cetus the Whale for the Eclipse April 4 and 5; then back to PiCot Sahu on the 6th.
Communications of one’s purified emotions and feelings, harmonized and aligned with the Divine.  Cetus The Whale is reminding me of the stories of both Jonah and Pinocchio.

Communication of Emotions, of One’s True Feelings.


Heru Leading the Way…

Heru PiCot Sahu
Victor of the Battle with Your Emotions.

Uranus in Sidereal Pisces.
Heru: Uranus was discovered by William Herschel  in 1721. Revolution, evolution, intuition, transformation. liberation. New Order. It determines friends…. heru eyethe cosmic path “Uranus is the first planet that connects us with our own Higher Consciousness, and an awareness of its presence in our lives produces the will to step onto the cosmic path. Uranus brings flashes of intuitive foresight, all kinds of psychic awareness, and there is always an element of the future, lying dormant where Uranus is in your chart.” The Redeemer.








HetHeru Tamet Ammon April 1-7
HetHeru Apis April 8 onward….

Het Heru: Venus; Lakshmi; associated with Lakshmi, Oshun: Friday
Beauty, balance, sex, love, passion. Divine feminine. Sociability, Wealth, abundance. Opulence. Fertility, peace, reconciliation. Integrity. Power of the Life Force Energy. Knowing when to go into battle, and knowing when to pull back.

HetHeru means the House of Heru.

Dua HetHeru Neteritah. Adorations to HetHeru, the Great Goddess


Tamet Ammon (Aries); Established Dominion Stability. Strength, materialism, productiveness, a practical mind, security, sensuality, stubbornness, possessiveness, routine, and patience.

from True Nature of Aries:
“Sidereal Aries is stubborn, fiery, independent and bossy sign. Sidereal Aries (Tamet Ammon) is always doing something. It is the most active sign in zodiac. It is strange that tropical Taureans accept their “sign”, although they are anything but lazy or passive. They are always acting for something in their life. Everybody can notice that. Since sidereal Aries belongs to fire signs, its meaning is linked to WILL. If Aries wants something, Aries will also gain it.”

Once we can see the Beauty in our Path, Balance of Male and Female Energies as well, this can lead us to the manifestation of our purified desires as HetHeru rides into Apis after the Eclipse. However, if we remain blinded by delusions and vanity, we will remain stuck in poverty consciousness. We can bring about a much needed shift in our wealth consciousness. During this eclipse, we can reprogram our beliefs about beauty in life, seeing adversity as prosperity, seeing doors closing as opportunities for others to open. Or seeing doors that have been closed, and opening them. Seeing Life as Half Full rather than half Empty. The choice is ours to make….

Chants for the Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Abundance:

Goddess Lakshmi

Shreem Brzee
Om Shreem Brzee Namaha
Chant 108 times, or 1008!
Om Hreem Kleem Namaha


Amun: Khepera
Transformative Power of Wisdom.
Pi-Cheus : Jupiter; Guru; associated with Amun, Siva; Thursday A beneficial influence, peacemaker; Witnessing Consciousness, governance of emotions, optimism, good fortune, faith, philosophy, hope, vision, expansion, travel, abundance, plenty. It defines the home, family, and children.

the cosmic path Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic, and its placement in your chart reveals the area of your life where you are most fortunate, where opportunity to explore Life at the educational, religious, cultural and spiritual levels exists. Where Jupiter is there is abundance, growth and plenty of Wisdom available. Jupiter’s focus is social, in that its energies are absorbed through our understanding of our relevance to others, (or of others to our Selves), and this awareness produces a “Truth” that becomes essential to us and guides us throughout our lives.

Khepera (Cancer); the Scarab; Transformation and Nurturing; Family and Home. Enthusiasm.

Strength, Pride, confidence, generosity, noisiness, drama, and resilience. Creativity.

Knowledge is Power and Wisdom is Love.




NebtHet KuUrKu.
Nebt Het: KuUrKu is the water bearer, and Nebt Het is the container.
Nepthys. Neptune is an ice giant. It has an intense magnetic field that is tilted 50 degrees to rotational field. It was discovered in 1821. Imagination, ecstasy, romance. it determines health,work, and career. Open to alternative healing modalities and modern day inventions

Neptune in your birth chart reveals where you tend to be the most idealistic and romantic about your life. Where Neptune is there is a certain level of cloudiness and confusion that eventually leads to crystal clear understanding and Enlightenment.” Universal Oneness, Bliss, visionary, meditation ; fog, confusion, cloudiness, escapism of all kinds, sleep, illusion, delusion, deception.

Asar PiMaere

Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius
Transformation, death and rebirth

Asar; Pluto. Death and Transformation. the ruler of deep, core-level transformation green asar the cosmic path Pluto in your birth chart reveals the place where you have access to your personal power. Pluto’s presence often generates the need to engage in power plays and manipulation, because of the intense desire to dominate that it produces. Pluto is another force that is more connected to the Universe than to your personal drive, and so it often causes you to have to let go and surrender to its power in order to experience your own. Rebirth through Loss, Grieving and Metamorphosis. Face the future you have created through the past.

Pi Maere (Sagittarius); December 18 to January 20

Represents Chiron, the teacher of Ophiuchus in Greek tradition. Also connected to Jupiter.

In celestial charts of Middle Ages, Pi Maere is represented as an arrow pointing at Ip (Scorpio) Responsibility, Conservatism,  stability, power, authoritarianism, discipline, prudence, self-restraint, sense of duty, cohesion, pessimism, roughness, spiritual, patience, narrow-mindedness, idealism. Wise Elder or Mentor.

Answering  Higher Calling,
from the
“The struggle for a Sagittarius is never over, however, they are tireless workers and fighters for truth—even if it hurts.” Inspiration and Optimism.



Chiron PiCot Sahu
Chiron: PiCot Sahu The Wounded Healer is healing emotions. Healing emotionally. Healing relationship with The Self by way of courageous self expression.

From the
What Chiron teaches us is that he hardest experience of your life can also be your greatest treasure, and bring out the best in you. Chiron’s place in your chart is a place of pain, but also awareness and rebirth. It is knowledge gained through agonizing experience that can be shared with others while sparing them from going through it themselves….

Poor Pisces Chirons have lost their way, can’t navigate the heavy seas of memories.


Sedna can help us get across difficult waters of trauam….

Sedna Apis
 Sedna Cetus/Apis:  Nurturing the wounds from past trauma. Sedna is in this area of the sky for one hundred years, beginning in 1966, so when other planets align with this energy, powerful healing can occur. Grounding the energy so that one can move forward with stability and strength.

from cornerstone astrology
“Taurus governs things that we value, to my thinking it is likely that our values will change and become increasingly orientated towards spiritual considerations during the next hundred years.”

For Mental Therapy, visualize Sedna, arriving on a Bull to carry you across a difficult journey. All of your physical needs are met, all of your purified desires are manifest.

for the Goddess Aaterids
Aset/Ceres Hupeneius
“Your Ceres Sign influences mothering, hard work, parenting, and gardening as well. It will show how well we go with the flow.” Maybe a little bit stubborn or extra persistent?
Maat/Pallas Athenes Hercules, Right above Ophiuchus.
“Where her influence falls is where you will find talents in the following areas. Jupiter’s daughter carries influence over many things, such as the immune system, the arts, the father/daughter relationship, intuition, justice, wisdom, defense, horses and the kidneys.”
Juno Khepera

“Where you find Juno in your chart is where you may meet someone that you will remain with for a long relationship. She covers marriage, fashion and beauty. She is        the patron of relationships and true love. Diplomacy is part of her sphere.”

Vesta KuUrKu
“Vesta brings out your purest potential and Essence into being. Vesta is organized and perfect. She has a talent for breaking things down into its components. She rules the metabolism and the upper intestine. She carries influence over locks and keys, sisters, security, investments, insurance, and inheritance. She is the epitome of the home and family, ritual, chastity and sexuality, and devotion.”

for ore info, visit HeruScopes© Handbook and Resource Guide




I see that I shall truly resonate with this Eclipse as I am also a Black Jaguar…. just like the Eclipse! I am 10 IX.


Conclusion:[fwdmsp preset_id=”0″ playlist_id=”0″]

This is an excellent time to purify, express, share our emotions and feelings. Increase Trust  In Own Intuition. Reprogram ourselves, our thoughts, our habits towards something even greater and even more positive.



Blood Moon Blood moon wolf 2 by

March 20 Equinox Eclipse was Life Altering for me. read about in upcoming post on Ayahuasca Experience!


HOTEP. Dua. Wado. Ashe. Aho. Namaste. And So It Is…..

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