A Light Being Discusses Vaccines: Part 2

A Light Being Discusses Vaccines: Part 1
February 9, 2020
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May 13, 2020

Part Two: Why am I so adamantly against Vaccines and Big PharMafia in general? Where is the proof that vaccines kill?

Okay, this one is bit more emotional for me, because when I was 6 months old, ( as in, right after a baby gets vaccinated) I started having seizures and high fevers. They put me on phenol barbital, 3 times a day for 7 years. Then when I was like 5 or 6, I got the MMR shot, but still got the measles. When I first found out the truth about the daily drugging, at age 26, after the birth of my first child, I WAS FURIOUS. That explained so much about my life, my personality, my character, my sense of connectedness, all kinds of “weird” things about myself, that could not be explained. Somehow, I survived, but when I think of those that didn’t, or those that have been permanently injured because of it, it is difficult to stay calm when confronted by total ignorance and pure ego.

I have the friend whose child got leukemia right after the \shot and almost died. Another friend, her baby got infantile paralysis for a few weeks, then contracted leukemia as an adult. I read about little Evee, who died within 36 hours of her first round of shots: I read that by age 6 months, a baby will have gotten 25 vaccinations! Here is Evee’s story…..

Anyway, here are some of my findings on the dangers of vaccines and Big PharMafia

Let’s begin with Bill Gates and his plans for depopulation….

Media Exposed Day @TECHGANTUA · Feb 5 Bill Gates – “ The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent. ” https://youtube.com/watch?v=4vzFeiKH1jQ

so that is just one explanation nation for why the industry is pushing these vaccines on humanity. Genocide. another is $$$$ sickness is big business, and if everyone was capable of keeping themselves ands their families healthy, the Medical Industrial Complex, Vaccine Industry, Meat Industry, Dairy Industry, GMO industry, Pesticide Industry, Mortuary Industy, would lose most of their income. Please read the book: “Are You Confused?” by

I must take a moment to thank all of my friends on twitter for sharing this info. I asked them to post more info for my next tiktok video, and they have not let me down….

One of my biggest objections is the way they are planning on forcing people to get vaccines, already started with education industry: cannot attend school if you are not vaccinated. This is going around schools already, to get them ready for the idea

Bridget Ashmore@BridgetAshmore·Jan 29Replying to @kat_kittee and @Becca_S_F___Coronavirus was created for vaccines. There are Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta versions… https://patents.justia.com/patent/10130701

Let’s take a little break with some good news….

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okay, back to more resources and information.

African children were Autism free until they started getting vaccinated. …

Jessie Ree @greekgoddess232 · Jan 30Coronavirus is confirmed via genome sequence to be lab created and more deadly. It’s likely a weaponized virus but nothing we cannot handle. Be diligent with hygiene and sanitation. SARS was contained without a vaccine. We can do this without one. Act as if you’re contagious now

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s full Affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt. covered up

FDA Approved Vaccine with Autism and SIDS Listed as Adverse Events, Vaccine Safety Website Removes Information

VAXXED VS UUNVAXXED: The Science Children’s Health Defense

This is CDC unpublished data obtained by the FOIA. these are just a few of the imAges from this website.


okay, go to the website for the rest. I might make all video that contains all of these slides….

okay, what?

Nearly lost in all the noise over the impeachment debacle and constant fear-mongering surrounding the “coronavirus” outbreak, were two notable events involving major career vaccine pushers.

Do they know something that the public should know about? It wouldn’t be the first time…stay vigilant!

Critics Cry Foul After Medical Examiner Says CDC Researcher Killed Himself

Cancer and Autism: Mysterious Deaths of Alternative Health Doctors Who Have Real Cures Not Approved by the FDA

Anti-Vax Doctor Found Dead

Police are calling the death of James Bradstreet, a physician who claimed vaccines cause autism and offered autism cures to patients, an apparent suicide.


The first person that brought this to my attention is Erin at Health Nut News.
Holistic Doctors Found Dead

back to the present….

Chinese doctor who tried to raise alarm on coronavirus in Wuhan dies on ‘front line’ of medical fight

HANGZHOU, China — A Chinese doctor who was silenced by police for trying to share news about the new coronavirus long before Chinese health authorities disclosed its full threat died after coming down with the illness, a hospital statement said, triggering an outpouring of anger online toward the ruling Communist Party.

Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, became a national hero and symbol of the Chinese government’s systemic failings last month. Li had tried to warn his medical school classmates Dec. 30 about the existence of a contagious new virus that resembled the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Word began to spread in China thanks to Li, but his posts were censored, and he was detained Jan. 1 for “rumor-mongering.”

He spoke out about the Wuhan virus. Now his family and friends fear he’s been silenced

(CNN)As people across China mourned the death of a whistleblower doctor in an almost unprecedented outpouring of grief and anger on Thursday, little did they know that another truth-teller of the coronavirus outbreak was being silenced, according to friends and family.Chen Qiushi, a citizen journalist who had been doing critical reporting from Wuhan, the central Chinese city at the epicenter of the outbreak, went missing on Thursday evening, just as hundreds of thousands of people in China began demanding freedom of speech online. 

Truth silenced again: An outspoken citizen is missing in Wuhan days after another died

This news just in….

Updated 3:31 AM ET, Sun February 9, 2020

(CNN) – As people across China mourned the death of a whistleblower doctor in an almost unprecedented outpouring of grief and anger on Thursday, little did they know that another truth-teller of the coronavirus outbreak was being silenced.

Chen Qiushi, a citizen journalist who had been doing critical reporting from Wuhan, the central Chinese city at the epicenter of the outbreak, went missing on Thursday evening, just as hundreds of thousands of people in China began demanding freedom of speech online. 

Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist in Wuhan, died of the same virus he had tried to warn others about early on in the outbreak, which has now killed more than 800 people mostly in mainland China. Rather than being listened to, he was punished by the police for “spreading rumors,” and later contracted the virus from a patient. 

Li’s passing ignited a storm of outrage across China, with an intensity and scope rarely seen in its tightly-controled online sphere. People called for an official apology from the government and flooded social media with the hashtag “I want freedom of speech,” a fundamental right supposedly protected under the country’s constitution.

In an apparent refute of their demand, the hashtag was censored by the next morning. 

And Chen, also aged 34 and from northeast China, like Li, remained missing.

Friends and family later later found out from the police that he had been forced into quarantine. By Sunday, Chen’s disappearance had started to gain traction on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, with many pleading for his release.

“Hope the government can treat Chen Qiushi in a fair and just way,” one user wrote on Sunday morning. “We can no longer afford a second Li Wenliang!” 

Detained in the name of quarantine

alright. now for some information from CDC and others about what are vaccines really made of

What’s in Vaccines? CDC website

List of vaccine ingredients

money brain, monkey kidney, human blood, fetal bovine serumhuman serum albumin bovine extract, formaldehyde Chicken embryo (oh, you mean unborn chickens, like the eggs people eat), thimerosal (multi-dose vials only) Madin Darby Canine Kidney (dog kidney), mouse serum protein, Mouse brain culture, Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, human diploid tissue culture (WI-38), Bovine protein, Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) EAGLE?, Mueller–Miller casamino acidmedium(without beef heart infusion), polysorbate 80

Which vaccines contain human protein and DNA?

Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review

Ratajczak also looks at a factor that hasn’t been widely discussed: human DNA contained in vaccines. That’s right, human DNA. Ratajczak reports that about the same time vaccine makers took most thimerosal out of most vaccines (with the exception of flu shots which still widely contain thimerosal), they began making some vaccines using human tissue. Ratajczak says human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked. Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in 1995 when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.

Why could human DNA potentially cause brain damage? The way Ratajczak explained it to me: “Because it’s human DNA and recipients are humans, there’s homologous recombinaltion tiniker. That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Now it’s changed, altered self and body kills it. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it’s an ongoing inflammation. It doesn’t stop, it continues through the life of that individual.”

Toxic Vaccine Ingredients: The Devil is in the Details

Harmful Ingredients in Vaccines

What’s in a vaccine? Have you ever wondered? Many times, we just “trust the authorities” on vaccination and don’t ever ask this simple question. Obviously vaccines contain antigens. Aside from that, vaccines contain adjuvants and other chemicals, stabilizers, and preservatives. Antibiotics are added to help prevent contamination during manufacturing. Despite the presence of antibiotics, many vaccines are still contaminated. Other questionable harmful ingredients in vaccines include formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, and other toxic ingredients.

These ingredients make some wary parents concerned about vaccine safety. In today’s world, we are highly conscious about what types of foods we eat and what we give our children. We do our best to avoid toxins and chemicals in our food. Research is still out on the safety of genetically modified food, preservatives and food additives. So we find ourselves spending longer in the grocery isle reading labels, trying to avoid things that are processed or artificial.

Harmful Ingredients in Vaccines
Harmful Ingredients in Vaccines

Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines
Vaccines which contain aborted fetal tissue are a concern for some people, especially those who are religious. The irony is, it’s legal to abort a fetus, but if that fetus is born, you are forced by lawto inject other aborted fetus’s tissue into your child so that your child can attend school. So a mother’s rights over her child end with abortion.
Furthermore, there appears to be a correlation between the uses of aborted human fetal cells with the coincidental rise of autism.
Several online articles corroborate that coincidence demonstrating that aborted fetal tissue may be one of the most harmful ingredients in vaccines.
We see a spike in autism in 1995 with the introduction of human DNA to the MMR (measles, mumps, ruebella) vaccine, suggesting a possible link. According to Helen Ratajczak, former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm, there is a link to brain damage and human DNA in vaccines. DNA in vaccines is taken up by human cells and recombined into their genome.
The following is a list of vaccines containing aborted fetal cells:
Polio Vaccines, Pentacel, DT Polio Absorbed, Quadracel—all by Sanofi
Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccines
MMR II, Meruvax II, MRVax, Biovax, ProQuad, MMR-V all Merck vaccines
Priorix and Erolalix by GlaxoSmithKline
Varicella Vaccines for Chickenpox or Shingles
Verivax, ProQuad, MMR-V, and Zostavax all by Merck
Varilix by GSK
Hepatitis Vaccines
Vaqta by Merck
Havrix and Twinrix by GSK
Avaxim and Vivaxim by Sanofi
Epaxal by Crucell/Berna
Rabies Vaccine
Imovax by Sanofi


alrighty then. this is more than enough info to get you started.

Be sure to read part 1:


Ankh, Udja Seneb

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